ITQAN, a project of MAS (Muslim American Society), is a non-profit institution of higher education for adults, mainly Qur’an and Arabic teachers, who seek to further their ability to recite, memorize, learn more about, and teach the Qur’an with excellence


To excellently educate adults about the Qur'an


●     Educate teachers in the correct methods of reciting the Qur’an

●     Provide teachers with continued training on how to teach the Qur’an

●     Help teachers memorize and review the Qur’an

●     Offer strong ijazahs with the backing of some of the most respected scholars of the Qur’an alive today to deserving individuals

●     Offer a well-rounded education in the sciences of the Qur’an for teachers and imams

●     Familiarize the qira’aat to the community in order to eliminate or decrease the level of rejection some may have upon hearing the qira’aat

●     Hold all ITQAN students to the highest standards of education and manners


Excellence in Reciting the Qur’an

Excellence in Theoretical Tajweed 

Excellence in Memorizing the Qur’an

Excellence in the Sciences of the Qur’an

Excellence in Studying the Qur'an

Excellence in Ijazahs and Qira’aat

BOARD of Directors of ITQAN

Dr Safiya Samman

Nafisa Mohamed Taha

Badia Mrhaoul

Chahinaz Bouzid

Khadeejah Akyurt - current chairman

Board of Education of ITQAN

1.      Sh. Lina Alkadri (two ijazahs in all ten recitals)

2.      Asiya Akyurt (ijazah in Hafs)

3.      Badia Mrhaoul

4.      Bouchra Kharrassi

5.      Fatin Taha (two ijazahs in Hafs)

6.      Raja Slemani (certificate in Hafs)

7.      Saaida Elwafi

8.      Lina AlGhazali

9.      Aziza Hafiz (ijazah in Hafs)

10.   Khadeejah Akyurt (ijazah in Asim)